Frequently Asked Questions
Can I pay with my Credit Cards?
Yes. you may choose to pay your Advert Buzz advertisement listing fee by using Debit or Credit card through Stripe or PayPal payment system.
Do I need to register to post an ad?
Yes, you do need to register to post an ad. And by registering helps you manage your account and ad listing.
How much do I need to pay for my ads?
+ You can post a starter ad on Advert Buzz for a minimal of $5 for a week.
+ Post 60 days ads for only $20
+ Or choose the 90 days listing for only $30
How can I edit or delete my ads?
You need to register to the platform, login to your account to edit or delete your ads.
How many images can I upload with my ad?
You can upload up to 7 images with your ad.
You can also embed Youtube video to your ad.

How can I delete an image while posting an ad?
You can click on the image while you are posting an ad.
How can I show the location for my ad?
You just need to enter the correct physical address or postal code of your location and the system will plot it on the map.
What is featured Ad?
Featured ads are to attract more viewers by showing in Featured Ads area on home page or by listing on top of every ad listing pages.
How much does it cost to make my ad as a featured Ad?
It depends on the category and the number of days you choose to post your ad.
Featured ads on Advert Buzz for 1 day (USD 1.00)
Featured ads on Advert Buzz for 30 days (USD 30.00)
What are the posting rules?
- You should post in the correct category which is important for you to get more viewers and responses.
- You should not post any duplicate ads.
- You should not post any offensive or spam ads.
If you do not follow the above rules, we may remove your ads without any prior notice.
Thank you for following the posting rules and considering Advert Buzz.

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